Privacy Policy

1. Introduction to's Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy tells you how we collect, and process data received from you on our site. We update our privacy policy because we understand that privacy is important in guaranteeing a safe and comfortable user experience. This policy will be enforced starting on May 25, 2018. Please read the document to understand our views and practices regarding your personal data.
Last updated: May 25, 2018

2.'s Information Collection

We store your phone number, as it is useful to provide our goods and services.
However, declining to do so may not grant you access to our services.

2.1. Types of Data We Collect

2.1.1. The information you directly shared

When you log into our website. You will get to share some of your personal information such as phone number, email, education, and credentials.

2.1.2. Information we automatically collect

Our server automatically registers your domain name and address, IP address, browser type, the visit length, and the pages you viewed. These are collected through our cookies. To learn more, please consult our Cookie Policy.

2.1.3. Information from third parties

Social media sites are typical examples of third parties. You may consent to share some of the information from your social media account to

2.1.4. Sensitive Information

The following should be shared at your own risk:

  • Political alignment/philosophy.
  • Religious beliefs/groups.
  • Gender.
  • Sexuality.
  • Race and ethnicity.

2.2. How does the Company Protect a Minor's Personal Information?

A minor’s personal information is not collected and saved by our domains. In fact, our site should only be used by individuals age 18 and up.

3. How we use your Information

We collect your information when you visit or register on our website. This information is used to personalize your experience, improve our site, and provide you with our virtual goods and services.

3.1. Using your Information for the Website’s Operation

Information is used to improve the performance of’s website.
Your data is collected and used to process your transactions and conduct statistical analyses amongst our users.
A customer’s data is used to develop new products and services and monitor their behavior online.
It is to investigate cases of fraud and prevent our users from violating our policies.

3.2. Using your Information for Communication Purposes

  • To seek customer assistance/support.
  • To answer any questions, you have about the platform.
  • To send all the latest news and updates.
  • To conduct and organize surveys.

3.3. Using your Information for Advertising Purposes

  • To provide personalized content to our users.
  • To promote content that may or may not interest you.

3.4. Using your Information for Legal Grounds

All the information we collect (or even those you shared) are used legally in order to improve our customers’ user experience.

  • Your phone numbers are collected they are used to access our goods and services.
  • Another reason is we need them to prevent cases of fraud, keep our database safe, and protect our users’ privacy and interests. This is to comply with the law.

4. Sharing Your Information and Affiliate Disclosure

We have the right to share your information with third parties and local authorities in compliance with the law and protect our legal rights.

4.1. Service Providers

Our third party partners may collect your personal data in compliance with the law and avail their services (Ex: Payment and financial transactions).

4.2. Other States

We may have to send your information to other states with their local laws.

4.3. Security’s employees are trained in handling your information. Only they can access your information, not anyone else. We screen our software and hardware for technical problems that may arise to security breaches.

4.4. Affiliate Disclosure website is a member of the Nerdify Partnership Program. It means that the website has a right to earn an advertising fee in terms of a program. As a member of an affiliate program, has customized links and/or contact forms, provided by in the sake of tracking the referrals to their service. Cookies are used to track visits for the purposes of assigning advertising commission on sales.

4.5. Personal Data and Partnership Program

There are several affiliate contact forms on by means of which the website may earn a commission upon submitting a contact form or making a purchase using the phone number you’ve provided in a form. When you decide to make a purchase, the final cost remains the same whether you use the affiliate contact form or text the vendor directly or go directly to the vendor's website using a non-affiliate link. By using the affiliate contact forms and links, you are supporting

You agree that by clicking "Text me" button on a contact form you send a text-back request to and has a right to use your personal data (contact number) according to this Privacy Policy. shares personal data collected from you with to provide customer service and assist you with your purchases. Your personal data will not be shared with 3rd parties other than specified on this Privacy Policy page.

5. What are your Rights with Regard to your Information?

Your rights are to:

  • Restrict Nerdify to process your information.
  • Review and transfer all the information you shared with the company.
  • Write a complaint to your local Data Protection Authority (DPA) in the company’s use and storage of your personal information.
  • Back out of marketing emails and cookies. Please review our Cookie Policy to learn more about cookies and our tracking technologies.

Do you want us to delete your data or review all the information we stored? Feel free to send us a message at