Terms of Use

You can refer to thenerdify.com as “our,” “us,” and “we.” We refer to our users as “you.” Every user is required to read the terms and conditions presented below. If you feel that this document contradict your personal beliefs, attitudes or views, then you are prohibited from using our service. All users and visitors are requested to interact with the Company in strict compliance with the conditions below and your respective laws.

About us

Thenerdify.com is an online platform that caters to the needs of our Clients. We refer them to our vendors or Nerds for their needs. They serve as their personal assistant. However, these services are not limited to:

  • Ordering textbooks for a Client;
  • Searching for a potential company for internship/college;
  • Booking study rooms/halls;
  • Forming a partnership.

We consider our vendors as contractual employees, hence, the company does not represent them in any way. Like any other collaborative platform, we do not approve anyone to maintain illegal activities on our website.
Bear in mind that we do not exercise control and responsibility for the goods and service your vendor will provide.

Thenerdify.com's Contact Information

  • Our services are delivered via SMS. SMS will be our primary mode of communication.
  • Phone numbers are stored safely in our database because we have Amazon Web Hostings right beside us!
  • Your mobile number is not shared to any third party. Only our employees know your number.
  • Expect us to send marketing messages to you. However, you can unsubscribe by texting “Stop text.”
  • It’s free, but your mobile networks may charge you for texting/calling our hotline.

Thenerdify.com's Content and Copyright

The provided content, images, files, etc. other than those of third parties, are copyrighted by thenerdify.com. You may not copy or transfer our content, as it violates copyright law.

Thenerdify.com's Policy on Refund

You may refund your payment for your vendor’s goods and services. You are eligible for a refund 30 days after the finished product is sent to you. Then, your request will be under review for one to two business days before we finalize it. Your money will be refunded to your balance or cards. Or we can also find another vendor for you, but please give us 24 hours. Please send us an email at done@thenerdify.com.

Our Users’ Safety and Security

As a user, you should avoid doing the following:

  • Gathering other users’ personal data and accessing the website without prior authorization;
  • Engaging in unlawful activities that may harm the website and its users;
  • Spreading and embedding viruses and malware;
  • Soliciting and begging for other users’ personal data;
  • Harassing, threatening, or bullying any individual in the platform;
  • Using the company to participate in unlawful and destructive acts;
  • Disabling and malfunctioning the site’s services;
  • Persuading and forcing any user to take part in illegal activities

We adhere to high work quality and standards. Therefore, we expect the same for our users by refusing to process anyone’s requests with the following connections:

  • Trafficking drugs and arms/trade and involvement in alcohol;
  • Promoting anarchic and destructive activities;
  • Stealing (virtual goods);
  • Glorifying violence, colorism, racism, sexism, misandry, etc. and writing hate speech;
  • Establishing connections with anyone promote/possess explicit and vulgar materials/services;
  • Connecting with anyone related to the purchase of ammunition, weapons, and projectiles;
  • Partaking in an act that encourages other users to violate the company’s policies;
  • Engaging in matrix programs and “quick and easy money” schemes;
  • Selling goods before the merchant has control of them;
  • Collecting payments for the vendors/paying the vendors;
  • Affiliating any individual with ordering money and travel cheques;
  • Taking part in debt settlement and credit repair services;
  • Undertaking fraudulent requests/actions.

Users of this platform are also expected not to write any message containing the following:

  • Curse words;
  • Offensive remarks towards a group;
  • Promotion of violence, racism, sexism, colorism, misandry, and hate speech;
  • Representing a minor in the platform;
  • Pornography and graphic violence;
  • A link to contests and other commercial activities;
  • Drafting and sending spam and junk mail;
  • Embedding and spreading viruses and malware.

Deciding to Subscribe to our Services

Thenerdify.com offers a monthly subscription plan with premium features that includes VIP support, free extra services and bonuses added to your account that you can use to order our services within the paid billing period from the date of the latest payment. Subscription fee for monthly plan is due on the same date for any month, or the closest date in that month, to the day you enrolled into the subscription and made your first monthly payment. The bonuses and additional perks included in your subscription plan are valid within the paid billing period from the date of the latest payment. Your subscription plan will be automatically renewed and Thenerdify.com will deduct monthly fees against your credit card until you cancel your membership. You may cancel your subscription at any time by contacting our support. In this case your bonuses remain unaffected for the remaining billing period but you will not be charged on the date of the recurring payment. If, for some reason, we are unable to process your credit card, you will receive an email notification. In this case we will try to process your payment for 2 weeks and then cancel your subscription until you update your card details and the payment can be processed.

Thenerdify.com's Limitations of Liability

The company and its third-party partners are not liable for any damages the following may have or may have not directly or indirectly caused:

  • Our services;
  • Our online content;
  • Your online behavior;
  • Company investigations/ authorized investigations;
  • Any related action taken by copyright and intellectual property holders;
  • Technical errors on our website;
  • Damages to the user’s device, but this is not limited to online security breaches, bugs, glitches, and the like.


  • We are in charge of facilitating the transaction between you and your vendor. Agreements you set with your vendor is not within our control.
  • Vendors are screened and checked by our staff. The company does not verify the authenticity of our vendors' credentials, qualifications, and background. Meetups either physically or virtual are also not in our control. It is solely at your own risk.

You agree to the following provisions by accessing thenerdify.com:

  • You can ask for legal assistance if it involves your vendor and third parties;
  • You cannot seek legal help from us, as we do not control or responsibility for the authenticity of the information supplied by the vendor, or even between the both of you.


Using and clicking on external links is solely up to you, as thenerdify.com has not analyzed the content in each external link.

Terms of Modifications

This document can be modified at any given time without notifying its users. You are bound by the current version of our Terms of Use.

Vendor’s Pledge

As a vendor in thenerdify.com, I expect to uphold the company’s proper decorum and high standards. Therefore, I pledge to:

  • Supply accurate information about my expertise and education to aid my Client;
  • Prohibit my Client or any user to participate in academic dishonesty and break US/UK university regulations;
  • Refuse to partake in any activity that allows the company to pay sums of money and royalties to third parties;
  • Understand and acknowledge that my cooperation with the company will be terminated if I violate any terms in this document.